Spinal Stenosis in Columbus

Spinal Stenosis in Columbus GA

There are many types of pain and discomfort that will bring a person through the doors to see a chiropractor in Columbus, GA but perhaps the most common reasons stem from the suffering of the neck and lower back pain. Pain in these areas can occur for many reasons, from falls to sports injuries to auto accidents to the wear and tear that comes with the territory of life. One common type of wear and tear injuries is spinal stenosis.

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of spaces in the spine, which most often occurs in the neck(cervical stenosis) or lower back (lumbar stenosis) and can result in pain, weakness, or a tingling feeling. Spinal stenosis is a "wear and tear" type of injury and may be a byproduct of osteoarthritis. It is possible for a person to suffer from both lumbar stenosis and cervical stenosis at the same time.

Cervical Stenosis

While neck pain may be the most obvious symptom of cervical stenosis other symptoms such as numbness in the extremities (hands, feet, arms, etc.), weakness, and balance issues may occur as well. In more advanced cases, there may be trouble with bladder or bowel control.

Lumbar Stenosis

Lumbar stenosis affects the lower back and is characterized by back pain, numbness and/or weakness in the feet and legs, and leg cramps that are triggered by walking or standing for extensive amounts of time.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

Since spinal stenosis involves actual narrowing of the spaces in the body, diagnosis of the condition requires imaging equipment including X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scans, In some cases, spinal stenosis may be treated with surgery and/or pain medications. However, there may be long-term drawbacks including addiction to painkillers, or liver damage from excess medication.

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