Lower Back Pain in Columbus GA

Lower Back Pain in Columbus, GA

Pain in your lower back can be caused by a variety of injuries or chronic conditions, but regardless of why you’re suffering, it can really impact your quality of life in a negative way. Fortunately, your chiropractor at Health First Family Chiropractic, P.C. in Columbus GA has multiple treatment options that can provide relief for lower right back pain and lower left back pain regardless of the underlying issue causing your symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain in Columbus

Often, lower back pain is caused by a herniated or bulging disc in your lumbar spine. When this happens, the space between the vertebrae where the nerve roots exit the spinal column becomes smaller, and that can frequently irritate the nerve roots themselves. Alternately, fluid may leak from a ruptured disc, causing a similar type of nerve root irritation.

Spinal stenosis affecting the lumbar spine is another potential cause of low back pain. People with this disease experience narrowing of the channel within the spine that the spinal cord travels through and that can cause impingement of nerves as well. Muscle sprains and strains can also frequently cause lower right back pain and lower left back pain.

Learning about the specific nature of your low back pain may help your chiropractor determine exactly what is at the heart of the problem. Symptoms of a pinched or irritated nerve, for instance, often include pain, tingling or numbness radiating from the point of injury, sometimes even down one of your legs. Weakness, numbness and a loss of range of motion are all symptoms related to the types of problems that cause lower back pain, and your chiropractor will perform a thorough evaluation to determine exactly how to treat your underlying condition.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain from Your Chiropractor Columbus GA

When you visit your chiropractor Columbus GA for treatment of lower back pain, your first appointment will focus on exploring your medical history as well as the precise nature of your symptoms. Once your chiropractor is comfortable in their understanding of the kind of treatment you need, they will perform manual adjustments designed to help alleviate those symptoms while simultaneously correcting the underlying problem.

On subsequent visits, your chiropractor will continue these types of spinal adjustments, often in combination with other therapies tailored to your specific needs. They may also give you some exercises to do at home that can build on the progress you make during your in-office sessions, helping to improve your mobility and restore normal function to the affected areas.

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