Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Chiropractic care in Columbus GA

Our main concern as holistic healthcare practitioners is visible in our business title: Health First Family Chiropractic in Columbus GA. We understand the importance of health not just as a way to heal when you are sick. True health and wellness is about taking care of the "whole person" as well as the whole family. We know that many people first come to us because they are in some sort of physical pain or discomfort. We know that first and foremost our job is to deliver relief from that pain. However, once we have addressed a presenting problem, our commitment is to ensure that we provide support, resources and education to help all of our patients and their families understand how to achieve wellness, not just in the moment when they are sick or injured, but in the way their lifestyle is set up.

What to Chiropractic Adjustments Entail?

Many people associate a "cracking" sound with chiropractors because of the gases that get released when there is a shifting in the joints that are being adjusted. The "pop" is referred to as a cavitation and it is a perfectly normal part of the chiropractic adjustment process. In a nutshell, a chiropractic adjustment performed by a chiropractor who uses his hands to manually shift the joints that have gone out of alignment. Manual pressure is placed on the skin, either gently or aggressively, depending on the extent of the injury and the physical condition of the patient. Patients are usually seated or laying down during adjustments. Chiropractic care is a process which usually entails more than one visit to achieve ongoing relief. Once the initial pain is alleviated, which may happen after just one visit, patients generally return for weekly adjustments over a period of two to six weeks. Afterwards, patients are encouraged to make maintenance visits on a monthly, bi-monthly or as needed basis.

Comprehensive Wellness Care

What works with chiropractic care is that it looks to find the root causes of illness and injuries, instead of just a temporary fix. We believe in an integrative approach to wellness, meaning that we look at many factors in our patients' lives, including fitness level, eating habits, weight and emotional state. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions to health. If we can thoroughly examine our patients and identify underlying causes for susceptibility to conditions such as neck pain, back pain and other chronic health problems, then we can better understand how to provide specific, customized care that works for the individual.

Will You Do a Consultation?

Absolutely! Our passion is providing pain relief, support and education on natural healing and we are happy to have you come in for a visit so we can share more about what we do. We know that when you experience firsthand the wonderful benefits of all-natural healthcare, you'll fan of making chiropractic care an important part of your healthy lifestyle.

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