Chiropractic Care Designed for Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal Pain Columbus GA

There are many treatments out there for musculoskeletal pain. Traditional medicine most typically uses a medication approach to musculoskeletal pain, with physical therapy, or even surgery. Chiropractic care offers another way of making positive healing change. Chiropractic care is unique in that it takes a mechanical approach to bones and muscles. Bones and muscles make up a series of simple machines that are designed to oppose each other. The biceps opposes the triceps, the hamstrings oppose the quads, the abdominal muscles oppose the back muscles, and so on. Many musculoskeletal problems are the result of damage or abuse of one set of muscles, or of a particular joint. Chiropractic care works in a series of logical steps to reach an end goal.

Muscle Relaxation

The first step in most chiropractic therapies is to first relax the muscles, removing lumps of muscle fibers in a state of spasm. This allows some slack across the joints. Muscle relaxation is achieved in a variety of ways. Assisted stretching exercises are sometimes employed, which can include deep breathing as a relaxation aid. Electro-therapies and inversion tables can also be used. Massage therapy is sometimes used to improve outcomes.

Chiropractic adjustments involve realigning bones and joints into their appropriate positions in relation to themselves and to the rest of the body. This realignment is achieved by applying manual force in a carefully orchestrated way. This is done in a precise way, using the patient's own body to isolate the portion of the body that needs to be adjusted. Adjustment allows the body to function the way it is designed to, for circulation to be restored, and for lubricating fluids to help cushion the joints in the right way. This helps the body heal.

Exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscle groups that may have been damaged are employed by chiropractic care. Similar to physical therapy, they are meant to further help the healing process.

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